Open Letter to Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth,

There are a few things we would like to tell you, and we don’t think there is a better time than Earth Day, April 22. This year marks the 50th Earth Day in the history.

We would first like to say thank you. Thank you for sheltering and nurturing us, for this common house that you have created for the entire human race. Thank you for the air that fills our lungs, and the breeze that gently kisses our hair. Thank you for the water that we drink, and the sea that we excitedly plunge in every hot summer day. Thank you for the ground that we walk on, the very ground that we learn to ride bike on - even if we fall, you are there to catch. A lot of our memories on this beautiful planet are enriched with your subtle yet beautiful touches.

Thank you for the food, the nutrients, the raw materials and the resources that provide for our civilization. Thank you for welcoming and accommodating for our lives on this planet, with all the creatures that exist with us, and for us. Thank you for creating an endless playground for our adventurous souls.

But we also apologize for not being so kind with you lately. We apologizing for hurting you and pushing you to the limit.

We are sorry for making you - and ourselves - breathe polluted air. Our factories and our vehicles keep bumping out greenhouse gases, which hurts you and causes millions of each year deaths among our kind. We are sorry that the we have contaminated the water resources. While only less than 1% of the Earth's fresh water is accessible to humans, about half of the rivers and streams are polluted and unsafe. We are sorry for making the temperature less tolerable - and the heat is projected to keep increasing, by 1.5 degrees over the next decades.

We apologize for all the exploitation and destruction. Forest are burning, animals are dying. Extraction of natural resources has been growing steadily all over the world. In fact, humans are using the resources 1.7 times faster than the ecosystems can regenerate.

We are grateful for what you have given us, but we have also taken it for granted. At least we have realized that the climate issues are among the most urgent of our time, and we are taking action before it is too late. Leaders are holding conferences, citizens are speaking up. And after all, changes can be made by each of us, from the smallest actions in our daily lives.

On the occasion of today, we take a vow to lessen the damage, and to not cause any unnecessary harm. We promise to do more good things, step by step. We appreciate you, and we should do our best to cherish that.

Happy Earth Day! You deserve to be celebrated every day. Thu Nguyen

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