Hotel for Insects

(Read the French version of this post here.)

Why not take the time during this lockdown period to build a hotel for insects with recycled materials that you can find in your home?


  • Offer a shelter for the diversity of wildlife to help ecological protection, for example, by attracting bees and butterflies

  • Attract the "friends" of the vegetable patch and all the plants in your garden to foster pollination and balance the different colonies of insects present at yours and thus avoid certain ravages.

For example, ladybugs can fight against the invasion of aphids, and bees pollinate flowers and plants.


  • Stack, crate and wedge all types of materials by filling the interstices with straw, wood chips and wood.

  • Protect your construction from the bad weather with a roof.

  • Raise it, which will allow ventilation.


  • Place the hotel in an area which is protected from passage

  • In the entrance or in the middle of your garden so that your garden can fully enjoy the insects' work.

Little tip: involve your children in the construction, they are full of creative ideas 😉 Sylvie Delattre

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